Dudnik Katya

Date of birth: 1982
Rank: Member of the Izmail Union of Artists and Youth Association of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
Region of Ukraine: Izmail
Style of the artist: fabulous realism
Technique: canvas, oil

"There are absolutely no adults, absolutely no children. We all come from the world of a fairy tale, in which to live bright dreams, where the air is full of dreams. Most importantly, when growing up, do not lose the child within yourself, becoming wiser, remain an open mind, loving and always ready to meet the tale. »- Katia Dudnik

Catherine Dudnik creates his world, woven from dreams, fairy tales and faith in good. Makes us remember children's games, dreams, see the surrounding reality in a different way, through the prism of childish simplicity and naivety, to become better, more humane.

In 2010, entered the "Unified artistic rating" (which includes artists of the Russian Empire, the USSR, "Russian Abroad", the Russian Federation and the republics of the former Soviet Union of 18-21 centuries, form the world's artistic heritage)
Ekaterina Dudnik took part in many exhibitions (about 20 personal and 40 joint projects), and gave the artist self-confidence, recognition and incentive to create new, interesting works.