Isakov Denis Valerievich

Date of birth: July 31, 1977
Region of Ukraine: Kiev
Kind of art: decorative and applied
Genre: sculpture of small forms
Technique: carving on bone, stone

Denis Isakov

The mastery of wood carving Denis Isakov mastered in the Kiev workshop of Alexander Emelyanov, where the artist studied and worked for ten years. Today the artist works independently, improving author's technique.

2008 - participation in the Antique Salon, Ukrainian House, Kiev.

Works of the master are in private collections in the USA, Germany, France, Russia, the Czech Republic, the Arab Emirates, Japan. Particularly in the collections of Donald Trapme, Celine Dion, famous politicians.


2010 р. 320х130х80 морений дуб, агат, кістка мамонта, перламутр, онікс; підставка - ебен

2008 р. 320х150 Бівень мамонта,дуб,агат
2009 рік 125х250 бівень мамонта, ебен (чорне дерево)
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