Warm Evening Music

June 16, 2017 at 19:00


Duet "Melody"; Irina Fesik (piano)
Catherine Saenko (balalaika)


Classical music


1. JS Bach in C - Prelyudiya

2. A. Dvorak - "Jazz Etude"

3. C. Saint-Saens - "The Swan"

4. F. Couperin - "Small windmills"


Easy listening


1. E. Doga - "Sonnet"

2. L. Bonfim - "Morning of Carnival"

3. Greek dance "Ship from the island Io"

4. "The Green Wave"

5. V.Virmenych, arr. Y. Beletsky "Marigold"

6. interlude on medodiyi H. Kuźniaki to k / f "Va-Bank"


The works of Ukrainian authors and arrangements of folk songs for balalaika and piano


1. E. Trostyanskyy - Nocturne

2. People tune in fav. A. Shalova "In the woods a lot of mosquito born"

3. M Skorik - "Melody"

4. V. Mintsev - Paraphrase on Ukrainian. b. song "Unharness the horses guys"





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