Kudryavchenko Georgy Oleksandrovych

Date of birth: 10 October 1945
Title: Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine
Region of Ukraine: с. Ostrog, Rivne. Reg.
Type of art: sculpture
Technique: bronze, marble, granite, metal, limestone, sandstone

Kudryavchenko Georgy Alexandrovich (04. 10. 1945, the Ostrog Rivnensky, Ob.) - a sculptor and a graphic artist. Father A. Kudryavchenko. Chl. NSHU (1989). The first prize of the Intern. (Kiev, 1992; m. Brookline, USA, 2001) and All-Ukr. (Zhitomir, 1994) symposia on sculpture. Textbook. To Kiev. Artist. In 1976, the workshop of V. Borodaya, the end of the Ukranian Institute in Lviv (1982, off F. Gulushchuk), a participant in litigation exhibitions from the 1977 Person., In Atlanta (USA, 2005), Toronto (2007), Chairman of the sculpture section of the Kiev Organizing Committee of the Union of Artists of the USSR (1992-95), member and chairman of the Perun artists (since 1991.) He uses bronze, marble, granite, metal, chamotte, limestone, sandstone. The author of sculptures for exterior decoration of houses, awards, memorials, wax copies of objects of genetic deviations of nature for the kunstkamera.