In a warm circle of friends and colleagues, the opening of the personal exhibition of Natalia Gerasimenko “Herald of the Renaissance” took place.

The artist was congratulated by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Petr Zikunov, art critic Alexei Titarenko, diplomat Alexander Guryev. A musical gift was the performance of opera compositions by the soloist of the National Philharmonic of Ukraine Olga Tabulina, accompanied by musician Vladimir Knorozka.

The exhibition presents works from different periods of the artist’s works Greece, Venice, Pink moods. The basis of the exhibition was a series of biblical stories in the author’s performance.

During the evening, all interested guests and the artist herself jointly created the painting “Renaissance Rose”, which is a symbol of the coming of Spring and the beginning of a new flowering life. This picture, as well as other gifts from Natalya Gerasimenko, were drawn at the end of the evening among the guests of the event.

The musical mood of lightness and spring tenderness was created by the unrivaled composer Sergey Grimalsky.