Modern Ukrainian Art Gallery of Authors’ Works “GAMMA”

has been working since 2009 and is located in the heart of Kyiv, near Mariinsky Park.

“Gamma” brings together works of the best contemporary artists, sculptors and masters of arts and crafts from all regions of Ukraine into one large exhibition. All of them are already established as outstanding artists and have a high level of professionalism.

The main criterion for the selection of works is their sincere emotional content and we are happy that our visitors have the opportunity to be filled with genuine emotions – lightness, love and joy.

The gallery not only acts as a conductor between authors and connoisseurs of their work, but also holds all those events that are related to the art or cultural development of people: creative master-classes, music evenings and literary meetings are constantly held.

The foundation of the Gallery was laid together with the artists. We were united by the goal of creating a place where everyone can touch the beauty, feel its diversity.We strive to introduce society to the whole multi-colored range of Ukrainian classical art. The works of artists presented at the exposition display the whole palette of techniques, genres, styles, and most importantly, the palette of feelings, emotions and positive associations. Therefore, the name came by itself — “Gamma”.