“Gamma” Gallery

The environment forms the personality, filling it with its content. There will be these faceless walls, or the crooked mirror of reality, or the limitlessness of creative thought – the conscious choice of everyone.

Each historical epoch assimilated in the interior its positions of worldview. But, in the conditions of active dissemination of mass culture, slowly, step by step, the author’s works are replaced by the conveyor of souvenirs. At the same time, something extremely valuable is ignored and exchanged …


The choice of spirituality and quality is upheld by our gallery of author’s works of modern Ukrainian art “Gamma”, in a picturesque corner of Kiev, near the Mariinsky Park, along the street. M. Grushevskogo, 9. Within the limits of one gallery original works of the recognized modern artists, sculptors, masters of national creativity and arts and crafts from different parts of Ukraine are collected.

We have presented the works of those authors who create the foundations of contemporary art with their creativity. The works of the family Dzhus, Magdalyny and Michael Belen, Valery Syrov, Sergei Koval, Marina Nesterova form a fairly strong picturesque clip-art gallery. This is the scope of creative thought, which is filled with the air of the Crimea, which is reflected in the art of the Juice family: the richness of the color of their carpets and tapestries is perceived at the level of a pictorial work, and the family painting itself is saturated with the light of positive energy. Sergey Koval is the master of the display of the game of light and shadow, which pierces the heavens and the sea reaches of his works. The naively good world of a fairy tale with an example of a typical sense of humor for Odessa citizens in the images of Valery Syrov’s paintings. Still lifes, performed in the style of the Dutch masters of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, Sergei Glushchuk, and the fresh air of the mountain air in the landscapes of Vasily Brenzovich. The transfer of light and space and the admiration of nature in the landscapes of Yuri Klapoukh. A subtle vision of the world, and its reproduction in black and white shades in the synthesis, provide polychrome to the graphic works of Denis Chernov.

Presented is the plasticity of the small forms of Mikhail Belan, Vasily Olashin, Eldaniz Gurbanov, Andrei Puzakulich, and others.

Everyone sees the world in their own way and if this world view is represented by a stitch of embroidery, a bead of beads, pearls that create forms on the canvas – this is already a unique art. This is the creative world of Irina Muralevich, created by the so-called live vishivka – a volume artistic smoothness of silk.

The creative work of Lyudmila Gubal is also traditional for Ukraine. Her doll, like every woman, has its own character and character, which the handyman conveys in the individual features of porcelain people.

The Ukrainian soul is opened by the artists Magdalyna Puglik-Belen and Natalia Stagura. Sincere and sincere, often naive and mostly good images of their ceramic reliefs are so close that I would like to know myself in them. Author’s techniques of relief, inheriting the spirit of national art, with exceptional attention to details convey pure decorative and monumental works, which are fully associated with the people’s architecture of the village.

And this is not all the works that the gallery “Gamma” has collected. In general, all the works are united by the principle according to which the exposition of the gallery was created, – the versatility of the Ukrainian talent. We are trying our best to uphold the country’s right to preserve modern art, the right of Ukrainians to know and have the opportunity to fill their living space with original works. It is worth to join this process as artists, and connoisseurs of beauty!