Was born on March 6, 1981 in the heart of Ukrainian Polesye, in Zhytomyr region, in a creative family.

Love for the beauty of the surrounding world, art and literature, was instilled in the family, became an integral part of my life.

From childhood I was engaged in drawing and modeling with my father and various kinds of needlework – with my mother. The result of children’s creativity were plasticine towns and villages and paper dolls. In adulthood, she became interested in the history of fashion, in particular Ukrainian folk clothes. I wanted to create my own collection of dolls in the costumes of the regions of Ukraine.

The birth of his son gave a new impetus to creativity and sent her to an old childhood dream – the creation of a fairy tale, a three-dimensional picture. So I found my vocation – in my life came an artistic miniature. Constant inspiration and a lot of ideas make the creative process incredibly interesting, full of positive emotions and love for each created element of the work.

Plots of “paintings” are born during incredible journeys of the soul, from the treasures of folk folklore and world literature, and often, from the whiff of wind or incense of flowers, bright viburnum berries or snowy overflows.

The world is incredible and I am grateful to God and fate for the opportunity to convey my vision of this beauty.


  1. Art Country. Within the framework of the XIV All-Ukrainian Exhibition “HANDMADE-Expo” (Kiev, 2014).
  2. Magic beads. Within the framework of the XI International exhibition of needlework and creativity “Golden Hands of Masters” (Kiev, 2015)