The manner of painting Vladyslav Metyolkin is energetic enough, alive. Impressionist vision of the artist is vivid in every volume brushstroke, which falls on the canvas like an autumn leaf, densely covering the basis in different directions and depth. And most importantly, in the artist’s paintings – the depth of content and subject matter, which is due to a special philosophy of admiration and worship in front of natural beauty.

The creative inclinations of the artist opened early enough. From the first class he wins at all school contests in drawing.

After graduation from school in 1979, Vladyslav entered the courses of the artist-designer. Soon he goes to serve in the rocket forces of the city of Rostov-on-Don. But even there, Vlad does not leave his main predilection. At first he becomes an expert with topography, and then serves as an artist-designer of the House of Officers.

In 1983 – entered the Odessa Pedagogical Institute. K. D. Ushinsky in the Art and Graphic Department.

Vlad was happy to learn all the new depths of his beloved business. The only thing when classmates went to summer planners to namallevnichih corners of a huge country, he had to make a living. Designer of the Odessa book factory, interior designer, designer of the Park of Culture and Leisure, as well as of all kinds of exhibitions, presentations and festivals. Of course, such “planners” gave another invaluable experience in a wide variety of conditions and practically behind all related specialties.

1991 – the collapse of the Union became a new independent creative era in the life of Vladyslav Metyolkin. He becomes artistic director of the unification of Odessa artists – “Creativity”.

December 22, 1994 – organizes a personal exhibition in the prestigious hall of the Odessa Historical and Local History Museum. Then the first real recognition comes. Paintings of Vladyslav Metelkin are taken not only to different corners of the former Union, but even to Greece, China and Japan. In 1997, Vladyslav left his homeland and moved to the capital. Here begins the second stage in the artist’s work and the transition to an entirely new level.

Title and awards:

2004 – Patriarch of Kyiv and All Russia-Ukraine Filaret personally awards Vladyslav Metyolkin with the Order of the Holy Archangel Michael of the 3rd degree for his services in the revival of spirituality in Ukraine. 2006 – The European Academy of Human Problems awarded Vladyslav Metyolkin the title of Professor.


1994 – the first solo exhibition (Odessa, the National History and Local Lore Museum);
1999 the works were submitted to the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (Kiev);
2000 – participation in the exhibition “Kiev Spring-2000” (Kiev)
2000 – art-project “Source” (Kiev);
2000 – the international exhibition “Our house-Odessa” (Odessa);
2001 – exhibition of painting “Euroimage-2001” (Kiev);
2001 – Odessa Art-Panorama (city of Odessa);
2001 – “The Fifth International Festival of Arts” (Odesa);
2002 – an exhibition of paintings in the Ukrainian Fund of Culture (Kiev);
2002 p. – the inscription to the painting “Poeziya kolorіv”;
2007 p. – art-project “Blessing” (Berlin, the Russian House of Science and Culture);
2007 – personal exhibition (Kiev Spiritual treasures of Ukraine);
2007 – an exhibition devoted to the opening of the “Cultural Heritage” fund, in the gallery “N-Prospect”, St. Petersburg, the artist’s works presented in the exposition;
2007 – International Art Festival, Kiev;
2008 – International Plenary Exhibition, Montenegro;
2008 – personal exhibition of painting in the Gallery “N-Prospect”, St. Petersburg.