A doll is a special kind of creativity … it’s almost a person, with its character, history and its own inner world. In her work, the artist Elena Misyuna strives to make sure that each pupa is harmonious and thoughtful both in terms of inner fullness and in terms of reflecting this essence already in the material, facial expression, posture and clothing.

Elena combines papier-mache and paperclay, which results in a very strong and light structure of the doll’s body on a wire frame with thin expressive lines. And in combination with painting and clothing made of natural materials (silk, leather, wool, wood, natural stones, beads and many other things) creates a unique interesting image of the doll that fills the house with its warmth and fairy tale.


2005 – The first solo exhibition in the gallery “Watercolor” (Kiev)
2006-2007 Personal exhibitions in the gallery “Silver Bells” (Kiev)
2007 Participation in a star auction at the invitation of the Head of the Board of the International Charity Fund “Art Treasury” Atyonya Logush at the Vienna Opera Ball (Kiev)
2008 Participation in the IV International Puppet Show in Moscow;
2009 Participation in the exhibition “Puppet Time 4” in St. Petersburg;
2009 Participated in the first Lviv puppet festival “Puppet World” (Lviv)
2010 Participation in the exhibition of Ukrainian puppeteers “Royal debut” in Artlife Gallery (Kiev);
2010 Participation in the exhibition and fair of dolls and bears teddy Mosfair (Moscow);
2010 I participated in the First International Puppet Show in Kiev “Kiev Fairy Tale” (Kiev).