Artist about herself:

I love this beautiful world, I love to create things with my own hands. This kind of work brings at least a little joy, a lot of happiness and a smile to myself and hopefully to the others. I really want to share with people that love and beautiful feelings we could get from the nature through the arts.

These feelings were transferred to me by my mother – a simple, sincerely person with a subtle sense of color and composition.

I call myself: an artist in constant creative development and an incorrigible optimist.

I am an economist by my first education. But in 2008 the desire to create and learn arts pushed me to start studying  at the Kiev National Academy of Arts.

I am mostly attracted today by the combination of transparency and lightness of glass and the rainbow expressiveness of stained glass paints. I would like to express myself through the paintings with the rays of the sun, which could communicate to everyone and I hope that by looking on them people would feel the warmness and lightness of the nature.

Many of my art works were bought to the private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, USA, Canada, Israel, etc.