Having worked at the Chernobyl station for 20 years, at 45 she retired. It’s dolls that are my main occupation now.

My family is creative, I have three daughters who help and support me.

My hobby for dolls began in 2011, when I accidentally visited the gallery “Parsuna” in Kiev. I was so inspired by dolls, I wondered if I would succeed.

I attended master classes of the leading puppet artists: Lyubov Lukyanchuk, Elena Kunina, Tamara Pivnyuk, Irina Goryunova, etc. I continue to learn from everyone who can give me what I do not yet know, I do not know.

Twice a year I take part in the international exhibition “Modna Lyalka”.

Themes of the works are very different, there are fairy-tale characters, there are real people, there are whole plot compositions. It happens that some quite real image, I supplement with a fantasy note, I especially like such works. I like the vintage style. Almost all my dolls are from the past. There are dolls static, in a given position. In them I appreciate grace and grace. There are movable dolls, they seem to me more touching and alive. A separate category is souvenir dolls – gazelles, monkeys, beasts. I call them “my beast.”

Inspiration can be found at every step. When I see something “strangling the soul,” I feel it’s mine! You need to record, remember, take a picture. I can not say that I’m fond of some complicated plot images, but I do not have any sense at all. Each doll has its own story. For me, it is important that the created doll, be it cheerful or sad, bears a positive charge. I want my dolls to mentally take away the viewer at some particular time, cast a touching story, delight the look with a pleasant color combination. In general, did not leave indifferent!

Dolls in themselves as a black hole, tighten and unite in their depths all previously favorite hobbies: drawing, sewing, embroidering, modeling, flowers, hairdressing, felting …

In the puppet world it is believed that the doll made by the master lives his life, because the author put his soul into it, filled it with his energy. And if you treat the doll as an individual, it will reciprocate, becoming a symbol of the home, a good talisman.