What exactly attracts us in art? Feeling of perfection and beauty, namely: a higher, more perfect world! Intuitively, this artist unites his creativity earthly and above-ground worlds. Creates a different reality. In it you want to live or, at least, to touch it. Add value to your home! Become on the path to that step, fills with beauty and brings you closer to the above-ground, perfect world. Gallery «Gamma».

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Paintings as a gift

We are all people and we all love gifts. We love to give, and, of course, receive. We receive the greatest pleasure from a unique gift, created as if specially for us and existing only in one tent. It is such a unique gift can be a work of art, whether it’s painting or graphics, a piece of decorative art or sculpture, an art doll, embroidery, a product made of glass or ceramics. Paintings as a gift – this is a wonderful surprise, which will not only be a worthy decoration of the interior, but also an excellent source of positive emotions and positive energy for life.

Where to buy a picture in Kiev

Such exceptional, unique paintings and sculptures are not found in ordinary shops and souvenir shops, they can be seen and bought only in special places, for example, in art or antique salons and art galleries.

One of these places where you can buy a picture in Kiev, there is a gallery of author’s works of contemporary Ukrainian art “Gamma” on the street. M. Hrushevsky, 9 Impressive in its diversity, a collection of paintings collected from all regions of Ukraine, will satisfy the aesthetic needs of any buyer, even with the most demanding taste. Here you can enjoy art items from traditional, classical painting of famous masters to avant-garde paintings of young, talented contemporary artists and graphic artists. The collection of various objects of decorative and applied art will be amazed by the spectator: embroidery with beads, silk, wood carvings, handmade tapestries, art dolls from various materials, author’s handles from unique and rare species of wood. Paintings of various genres (still life, landscape and others), sculptures and items of DPI are carefully selected and our collection is constantly replenished with only the best works of modern masters.

Buy a painting and other pieces of art you can in the gallery “Gamma.” And, if you are lucky and you are among dozens of others, you know exactly your work – do not hesitate, because the next such opportunity to please yourself and your relatives with a rare, exclusive, expensive gift to the heart, probably, will not fall out.

That’s why enjoy the art and your, right choice!