Minimalism – a style that arose in modern design in the late twentieth century. The direction associated with the return to the simplicity of the form. Interior details are minimized or disappear altogether.

Signs of style

In a minimalist interior, accessories can be used, but in a moderate amount. To withstand the style, all objects must be of the correct geometric form, executed in the spirit of neoplasticism or expressionism. The presence in the minimalist interior of paintings in antique carved frames, indoor fountains, fancy shapes and other similar elements of interior decorations is excluded.

The minimalist interior will be complemented by abstract paintings in the spirit of constructivist painting. Minimalism in the interior is, first of all, free space, and therefore it is not allowed to overload the room with furniture. The shape of objects must be simple and geometric.

As the main elements are ideal shelves for books of strict geometric shape, low deep sofas, low coffee tables and base-chests. All furniture in the style of minimalism is quite low.

In minimalist interiors most often predominate light shades, as well as white, gray and black colors.


Ideally underlined minimalist interior of the sculpture of Vasily Olashin and technically perfect graphite drawing of Denis Chernov.