August Platina

August Platina is a very famous person, the author of many notorious projects, such as “The Indiscriminate ruble”, etc. But not known to everyone since he is not a people’s artist and a public person. His works are not sold wholesale and retail in supermarkets, they are not issued in millions of copies, they are not advertised on TV, moreover, the author avoids publicity and even a site where you can see his works is under a password. Because the works are created: “For those rare favorites, to whom wealth should be a blessing, and luxury a reward for uniqueness.”

When a gift is required for a person whose social status corresponds to the level of the country’s president, minister, ambassador, or VIP representative of the business elite, then they remember him and are asked to do so. Not everyone is free to communicate with the above-mentioned persons, to enter their homes and offices. Therefore, those to whom the author is unknown, most likely, just rotate in other circles. And even if they are at this level, these people do not always talk about the wonderful author who created the works and which they own, since they are more occupied with their own persona. And if you consider that most of the gifts are presented as a personal gift, then they tell rather about who gave them and of course about themselves.