Graphic Artist, teacher

Denys Chernov is a founder of a creative association of artists called “INSIGHT”, which is based on the idea of creativity as inspiration. The cohort of the artists of “INSIGHT” sees the intuitive imitation of the inner essence- the star of providence, as the meaning of their art. Creation of figurative artistic world is based on life experiences, premonitions.  Denys himself develops this idea by the means of perfect artistic skills in graphics.

The future artist was born in Sambor, Lviv region. In 1998 he graduated from Kharkiv Art College. Having chosen his artistic technique, he purposefully acquires specialization in graphics at the faculty of “Fine Arts and Architecture” in Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts. From 2004 to 2006 he teaches special courses at the Kharkov Art College. Now he is a teacher of drawing at the academy and a researcher at KSADFA at the department of “History and Theory of Culture”.

The artist has achieved great skills in graphic techniques, bordering on genius. A pencil in his hands feels the reality pretty thinly; however, it is not possible to speak about monochrome of his works.  In terms of skills of transferring the impressions of the nature, wealth of natural materials and textures, contrasts and nuances of light, the graphics of the artist competes with reality. Denys’ attitude in graphics is marked by tragedy and sense of real afterlife. The artist tries to identify the boundary between two worlds, but this intuitively encounters infinity of the universe. Hence the motto of the artist is infinity and harmony. The artist formulates his relationship with an object as the following: “We take beauty for granted, as an integral part of our lives. We are so accustomed to the forms that surround us, large and small, that if suddenly everything disappeared, we wouldn’t be able to live a single day.”


2001- The winner in the category “The painting” in the ARC (Art Renewal Center), painting “The boat”. The artist is awarded with the medal “Talent and work” by the International Association “Peacemaker”.

The works of the artist have been exhibited at more than 45 Ukrainian and international exhibitions. The exhibition of graphics within the frameworks of international project Art-expo, New York (2002), “The Black Stone”, Moscow (2002, 2004), International expo of Ukrainian art “Variety of colors”, Athens (2004), International Exhibition “mini-print”, Barcelona (2006), “Erasmus Day Live”, Turin (2008), Third International Plein Air, Montenegro (2008).

The works by Denys Chernov are kept in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, Greece, England, Spain, Italy, France, The USA, Japan, successfully sold at Christie auction.