The artist of arts and crafts, teacher, ceramist, painter, graphic artist.

The artistic world, created by the imagination of Magdalyna, attractive to everyone who has not lost his childhood on the path of life. That is, he kept the sincere and pure eyes of the soul. This sincerity can be traced throughout the artist’s work and is represented by an unusually wide spectrum: painting, ceramics, graphics, tapestry, sculpture, relief, embroidery … Magdalyna Puglyk-Belen created her own direction – the school of ceramics in Transcarpathia.

The artist comes from the Uzhgorod district, the village of Nevitsky. She studied at the Uzhhorod College of Decorative and Applied Arts. At the end of the school, having received a diploma with honors in 1973, a full course of pedagogy under the Lviv Academy of Arts is held at the teachers of the pedagogy course: O. Bezpalkiv, D. Krvavych, F. Lashchuk, J. Flint. For the next 12 years, the foreman has devoted pedagogical activity in the same school, teaching special disciplines: the fundamentals of composition, drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, modeling. At the same time she worked in the Transcarpathian Art and Industrial Combine in the monumental and decorative-applied workshops. She was engaged in artistic design of the book in the publishing house “Carpathians” of Uzhgorod. The series of ceramic products with a philosophical comprehension of the fundamental principles of the world creation differs from the created works: “Cosmogony of mankind”, which with the help of symbolic signs of the early Neolithic and before the beginning of the twentieth century reveals the evolution of human thought in the perception of the world.

Her works are kept in many museums of Ukraine, Georgia, Canada, the USA and countries of Western Europe. Since 1972, Magdalyna Puglyk-Belen has been taking constant part in regional, national and international art exhibitions.