Honored Artist of Ukraine, Awardee of the National Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko Prize

Born September 10, 1950 in the village Zelena, Krasyliv district of Khmelnitsky region.

The Artist (painter-graphic artist).

Awardee of the National Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko Prize № 193 since 03.03.2008.

Honored Artist of Ukraine № 1677 since 30.11.2005.

Awardee of the Prize named by Vasyl Stus.

Valeri is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1990.

The artist graduated from the Kyiv State Art Institute (now the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture) in 1986. He studied at Graphic Faculty, with the specialization in easel graphics.

Awarded with Honors and prizes:

–          III-degree Order for Merit №10118 since 21.11.2008- by decree of President of Ukraine.

–          Breastplate “Honor” № 3082 since 19.09.2005 №286.

–          Honor of the Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine for the achievements in development Culture and Arts №557 since 06.10.2003.

–          Honor of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine “For Long Fruitful Work in the Field of Culture “ № 1332 since 26.11.2005.

–          Diploma of Kyiv Mayor № 1840 since 05.03.2003, etc

Since 1983 he has been conducting an active exhibition activity. He has 104 group and republican art exhibitions and 172 personal exhibitions on his account. His works are kept in many local museums of Ukraine and the world.

During artist’s activity there have been 246 publications in newspapers and magazines in Ukraine and the world.

With the help of his works in contemporary art life Valery Franchuk brings a bright distinctive contribution to the construction of a grand temple of spiritual culture of Ukraine. His creations, marked by profound inspiration, are full of love and concern for Ukraine and paintings carry enormous power of good, high sincerity of feelings, exalt human dignity, and arouse the fire of national existence of the audience.