Arts and crafts

Художественная кукла

Decorative and applied art was born out of man’s desire to decorate his daily life. The Latin word “decoro” means “decorate”, applied – having practical significance, used in life. Art processing of household utensils, furniture, fabrics, clothes, tools – that’s what decorative and applied art is.

Various materials used in the manufacture of household items: metal, wood, ceramics, glass, textiles, etc. Various methods used for processing these materials: painting and carving, embossing and forging, embroidery and inlay.

Cross-stitch embroidery is one of the most common types of needlework, which is fascinated by many women and men around the world. Embroidery is a kind of needlework, in which the shape of the pattern is covered with tight stitches. In olden days, beads and sequins embroidered girl’s and women’s headdresses, decorated belts, skirts.

Wood carving is traditionally considered one of the oldest human activities. Over time, tools for carvers on wood were improved, modified. There were machines that were able to embody the most complex patterns in the tree. But, as before, the handmade work of the carver is an incomparable craftsmanship, which has no analogue either in style or in a manner of execution.

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