Сhujenko Georgy was born on 08.08.1957, in the town of Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region, Ukraine.

He lives and works  in Kyiv. He is a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1988.

Georgy Chujenko creates both historical and mythological characters, as well as images and heros of the Bible, or fictional images, often with using irony.

He graduated from the Kyiv State Arts Institute (later renamed to NAOMA) in 1981. His teacher of the specialty, sculpture was V. Borodai. The main works of Georgy Chuenko are: “Severin Nalyvayko” (1981), “Mikhailo Bulgakov” (1988), “Judith” (1995), “Trinity” (1999).

Some exhibition projects and sculptures in the public spaces:

2017 – The monument to Johanes of Putivl in Putivl.

2011 – The monument to Taras Shevchenko in Okhtyrka.

2009 – The monument to Grigory Potemkin in Bendery.

2007 – Cooperation with VIZURI.

2006 – The monument to the war heroes – “Afghans” in Zolotonosha.

1998 – The exhibition at the art gallery “U Rozy”, Krakow, Poland.

1997 – The exhibition at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Warsaw, Poland.

1997 – Participation in the exhibition “Art of Ukraine”, New York, USA.

1996 – Personal exhibition at the Kyiv’s  art gallery “Irena”.

1994 – Participation in the exhibition “Spring of Versailles”, Versailles, France.

1989 – Taking part in the creative group of young artists in Pereslavl-Zalisky.

1986-1988 – Participated in the creation of a sculpture park – the reserve “Bush”.


Selected publications about the author:

VEPR Magazine №1, №7 2011 (VIZURI)

“Women’s Image in Contemporary Ukrainian Art” Kyiv, Textbook, 2007.

“Artists of Kyiv” IPREZ 2000

“Hand-Made World 2” Forging Workshop.