Dear admirers of Yurii Klapoukh! Be careful, beware of fakes and copies! You can get an authentic picture only at the Modern Ukrainian Art Gallery of Author’s Works “Gamma”, which is the only official representative of the artist Yurii Klapoukh. “Gamma” gallery guarantees the authenticity of authorship works, which is confirmed by authenticity certificate personally signed by the artist.

Creativity of Yurii Klapoukh is based on the best traditions of realistic romantic world painting. His landscapes literally radiate morning coolness (“A Morning in the Frog Quarter”) or smell like fields, warm afternoon sun (“Shepherdess”), or reveals spiritual mysteries of an old pair in a manner known only by the author (“Serious Intentions”).

The artist has a natural gift to find art there, where another one wouldn’t even think of searching for it. Such a poetry in the relations of people, who were stress tested by the life, is in everything : in posing informality, in sincere smiles, in afternoon heat and even in that lightness of painting the ducks in the background. Everything is saturated by sincerity, life and art. In the fullness of time this kind of Art was blooming in the cohort of Russian Itinerates Artists and this truth of life immediately used to put their art on the level above. Today, among messy development of modern arts trends, a breath of authenticity helps to understand the power of true art.

Another field of his art is fantasy, the images of fairy tale reality. In the paintings as “The Dream Catcher”, “The scent of color”, “The Bagpipes” etc. the artist creates parallel fantastic world only seen by him.  Which scent does the color have? How does the sound of bagpipes flow? How to protect the dreams of the beloved one? These questions are answered by the images living in the paintings of the artist.

The artist himself is the same profound and unfathomable. As brave as he is in painting, he is modest in life. He is not seeking awards, not awaiting for ranks.  Educated in Moscow University of Fine Arts he is constantly working and improving with every stroke. His manner of painting, based on highlighting every single detail, impresses by the power of talent, filled with dedication and love towards the world.

During the years 1995-1998 Yuriy Klapoukh was painting the Church of Alexander Nevsky (Kharkiv).


The pictures of Yurii Klapoukh are kept in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, Austria, Germany, The USA, Czech republic,  South Africa and Poland.

The Album “Holy Sacrament of Brush”

1992 – Taking part in art Biennale (Lviv);

1993 – Exhibition dedicated to The Day of the City, “Ukrainian House” (Lviv);

2001 – Art exhibition (Germany);