Alesia graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Kyiv International University in 2009.
She has been drawing sketches all the time while studying. These were mostly fragments of the famous paintings or her own impressions. During the next 10 years, she has been creating oil paintings and then acrylic on canvas.
She took some courses on academic art (in Pechersk, near the Olympic Stadium, Kyiv). She developed her skills, using, among other things, videos on YouTube. She collaborated with the media channel of contemporary American artist Felix Kaparchuk. The favorite theme became seascapes, which have the spectacle details and belong to the modern direction of painting, which Alesia calls carvinism (from the English word “carving”).
Carvinistic landscapes or seascapes are mostly characterized not so much by panoramas but mostly by separated moments (which intersects with the modern perception of the world, in particular with the media bubble, when people are receiving information, mostly filtered by the preferences of their environment in there’s social networks). The focus of the image falls on the individual in the context of the global. The global is, in fact, stays as a mystery. The images of these bright spots are the subjects of her observation through the paintings.