On the paintings of Vasyl Brenzovych, the beauty of the Carpathians is transferred to the unconstrained and transparent, as if saturated with mountain air. The classic composition, a bright palette of colors, sun-filled content includes the artist’s painting in the traditional Transcarpathian school of painting.

The artist himself – comes from the Carpathians, from the village of Lyuta of the Transcarpathian region. Growing up among the beauty of the mountain streams and the blue peaks, the future artist absorbed in himself the understanding of the beauty that the father-forester first brought to his son. “I wandered from shore to the river bank, in beech, spruce and birch forests, driving cows through mountain valleys – I knew my edge, beauty, austerity and the greatness of life,” the artist recalled today.

The desire to turn the surrounding reality into an artistic reality, the craving for “holy” painting led Vasyl to the Uzhgorod Art College, which he graduated in 1975.

Creative searches lead the artist to the artistic society of Transcarpathia, where he heads the Union of Professional Artists of Uzhgorod, a member of the Union of Independent Artists KET. A. Kashshaya. His paintings are in museums and private collections of both Ukraine and the near and far abroad. Today, Vasyl Brenzovych simultaneously works in the genre of icon painting and artistic woodworking. Since 1974 he has been actively exhibited at regional, national and international exhibitions.

Nature as the main heroine of the figurative world of Vasyl Brenzovych is always sensitive to the mood of the season and is the continuation of the movements of the human soul. She then smiles in the shades of the yellow-hot color palette (“The Road to Apitsku”), then with the hope of dressing in the color of spring (“Bride”, “Stop blooming”), then with the crimson lights of autumn lights his crowns (“Venerable beeches”), And in its thickets it preserves the healing moisture of the mountain stream (“Emerald Forest”) and stretches to the heights of mountain purity (“Under the Sky”, “Krasia”) in order to find an answer to the sacred question: “What is life”?


2006 – “Paints of Transcarpathia” (Uzhgorod);
2007 – “Artists of Transcarpathia” (Kyiv);
2008 – “Carpathians for Mariupol” (Mariupol);
2009 – “My native land” (Lyuta village).