We are glad to welcome you in our section “sculpture”! If you are here, it means that you are interested in high-quality applied art in Ukraine and, perhaps, you would like to not only buy a painting in our gallery, but also buy a sculpture for your house, or buy a statuette as a gift to a close person or business partner.

In the gallery “Gamma” you have the opportunity to buy sculptures made of various materials – clay, gypsum, metal, stone, wood and various methods – molding, casting, forging, carving, embossing, bone carving.

Sculpture is a special kind of art, whose works have a three-dimensional volume. The division of the sculpture takes place according to the types (round and relief), purpose (easel, monumental, monumental and decorative, and genres (portrait, everyday, animalistic, historical, etc.) .As painting, at the first stage of its development, it had a religious Character.  Contemporary sculpture in Kiev in a primitive society sculpture used to sculpt figures and reliefs, in ancient Egypt and in the East – for sculpting figures of gods, people and animals. In the Middle Ages, attention was paid to the transmission of feelings and emotions of the depicted object, gradually the sculpture developed, acquired increasing importance and already reached its climax in the Renaissance, the works of the sculpture by Michelangelo, which are a model for the majority of modern sculptors, were the peak of the creation in this historical period. The greatest popularity now among those who want to buy a sculpture is a small plastic – small sculptural works, which include genre statuette, wall and table portraits, toys, works of art and glyptic medal.

In our gallery in Kiev you can buy a professional author’s sculpture of modern Ukrainian artists who use only natural materials in the manufacture of sculptures. Buy a sculpture for your interior is only because it is durable, durable, and most importantly – a fashion accessory of modern times.

Shown 1-10, total 70 works