Sculptor, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, a member of the sculpture section of Ukraine

Creative activity

The work of the sculptor Vladimir Mikitenko is a notable phenomenon in the contemporary art of Ukraine. He is constantly in creative search, surprises with unusual compositional finds, non-standard themes and solutions. The sculpture of his sculpture is distinguished by a bright individual character and acute emotionality. Favorite images of the sculptor’s work – a beautiful femininity, where he found various forms of embodiment, extraordinary plastic solutions.

The feeling of man-madeness is combined with inner warmth and humor in relation to the topic. This provides sculptures with active entry into the surrounding space, where it is pleasant to them to be a spectator. Intellectualism of the author, the culture of the genetic fantasy, contribute to the plastic unpredictability of the images created, and also cause a certain technological complexity of the embodiment.

Vladimir Mikitenko is a creative person who is in constant development, self-improvement, strives to expand the horizons of the vision of the surrounding world. It is a kind of standard of the sculpture school in Ukraine. Has its own unique manner, its character, its direction.

The sculptor is a regular participant of the exhibitions of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, art festivals in the Ukrainian House of 1995-97, 1999, the Fellow of exhibitions UAF.

The works are exhibited in many halls of Kyiv’s galleries and are in private collections in Ukraine, France, Canada, Switzerland, the USA, England, Holland, Spain, etc.

1991, 1993. Biennale of sculpture in the gallery “Kyiv”.
1993. “Young Artists of Ukraine.” National Museum of Ukrainian Art.
1995-96-97 Art festival in Kyiv.
1996 Personal exhibition in the “RA” gallery.
1997 The symposium in Yampol.
1997 Personal exhibition in the “RA” gallery.
1998 Personal exhibition in the gallery “Irena”.
1998 Group exhibition in the Museum of History of Kyiv.
1999 Triennial of sculpture in the SC.
1999 Exhibition in the gallery “Lada”.
1999 International Art Festival in Kyiv.
2000 Group exhibition in the “Fund of Culture”.
2000 Personal exhibition at the US Embassy.
2000 Group exhibition “THEIR Congress of Associations of Banks of Ukraine” – Ukrainian House.
2000 Group exhibition in the gallery “City N”.
2000 Group exhibition in the gallery “Artist”.
2000 p. Group exhibition in the gallery “RA” – “Neighbors”.