Professional experience:

1993-2007 – Chairman of the Youth Association of the Kiev National of Artists


1994-present – Associate Professor of Temple Painting Workshops and Culture of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (ruled by professor Storozhenko)

2007 – Painting Section Chairman of the Kiev National Union of Ukrainian Artists

Solo exhibitions (selection):

1990 – “Bible motifs”, Palace of Youth, Kyiv, Ukraine

1992 – Exhibition in Cheptonhema Art College, The Great Britain

1992 –  “Kunstforening”, Ac, Norway

2000 –  “Lavra” Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2001 – President Hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine

2002 – “Mystets” Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2004 – Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada

2006 – “Light on Canvas” Mexican Cultural Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

2007 – “Jubilee”, “Mystets” Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

Group exhibitions (selection):

1982 – The anniversary of the Soviet Army, Kyiv, Ukraine

1987-2007 – “Picturesque Ukraine” National Union of Artists of Ukraine

1988 – “Ukrainian Young Artists”, Kyiv, Ukraine

1990 – “Leleko” Gallery, London, UK

1991 – “Doiron-91”, Yugoslavia

1993 – “Young Artists”, Kyiv, Ukraine

1994 –  “Svitovyd”, Kyiv, Ukraine

1995 – “Budapest Art-EXPO”, Hungary

1998, 2001, 2004, 2007 – Painting Triennial, Central House of Artists, Kyiv, Ukraine (catalog)

2000 – Ukrainian Christmas Exhibition, the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Kyiv

2001 –  “Railway Station” Didymoteichon, Greece

2002 – “Art of Ukraine”, Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia

2004 – “ Fourteenth Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine”, Consulate of Ukraine in Hamburg, Germany

2005 – Europ’ART Geneva, Switzerland

2005 – “The Art of Free Ukraine”, Kuxhaven, Germany

2006 – “Kyiv Artists”, Russian Science and Culture Center, Copenhagen, Denmark


National Art Museum, Kyiv

Sevastopol Art Museum

Kirovograd Regional Art Museum

Ministry of Culture and Arts of Ukraine

Private Collections of Ukraine, Russia, USA, Israel, Italy. Norway, Canada, the UK, Denmark, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and others.