He received a higher education in architecture and worked in the design institutes in Kiev.
Since 1985 he began to paint professionally.
Captured by the ideas of surrealism, to which he was indifferent since his student days.
In 1977 he wrote his first works in this genre.


April 1, 1979 in the October Palace – “Vanguard in the works of students of the Faculty of Architecture.”

Since 1986 he has always participated in the opening days
On Andreevsky Spusk during the celebration in Kiev.
In 1988 he participated in the exhibition “Modern Ukrainian Painting”
In the Teacher’s House.
Since 1990, cooperation and participation in the exhibitions of the Gallery “Bost-Art” in the center “Ukrainian House”:
1990 – “The sighted see it”
1991 – “Destroyers of Traditions”
1990, 1992 – personal exhibitions:
1991 – exhibition in the European center., G. Berlin
1994 – “Masters of Surrealism” in the gallery “On Spassky”
And “Fatherland”, as well as in other collective exhibitions of these galleries.
Since 1991 he participated in some exhibitions abroad
Recently, he took part in the various collective exhibitions of Ukrainian artists.
The basis for the concept of his work laid unconscious associations; Philosophy and the mysteriousness of images and themes; A combination of unreal and naturalistic; Authenticity and fiction, poetry and truth; Vistroyuvannya complex, thoughtful, refined and dynamic composition; Strict architectonics and internal balance; The embodiment of hopes that there are eternal values ​​that oppose the absurdity and chaos of being.