The expanse of the Ukrainian steppes, beauty and grace of horses on the artist’s canvases attract attention by the sincerity and love of the artist to the depicted. As if mosaic – in the technique of pointillism – the artist creates his landscapes.

He began to draw while serving in the army and since then painting has become the meaning of his life. The paintings of Grygoriy Zoryk are the result of the harmony of the natural gift and persevering self-improvement. It is impossible to determine his favorite genres and themes in art. Cuban motifs and treasures of Podolsk landscapes, historical battles and religious accents, human destinies and sincerity of light feelings … He fills his creations with a special meaning, passing them through his own heart.

In 1978, after giving two years to the defense of the Fatherland, he returned to his native land. Accidentally learned that there is a studio of artists in Tulchin, and soon joined her work. Successfully graduated from the studio, on a competitive basis, was enrolled in the production workshop as an artist-designer. The main directions at that time were the design of party cabinets, various museums, clubs, etc. However, every free moment he tried to devote to creative work – working with nature. From his student years, the artist remembered the words of his beloved teacher – the artist of the Odessa Pedagogical Institute Valentin Zakharchenko: “So that you do not have to do, but draw constantly, and success will find you!”. They became an artistic credo for life.

Grygoryi Zoryk also creates a monumental sculpture. He professionally deals with a metal plate, sculptural forms, makes high reliefs, bas-reliefs and chasing. His works are decorated with many cultural objects of Vinnytsia region and Lviv – houses of culture, museums of local lore, historical memorials, monuments, etc. Monumental painting and a series of art works of Grygoriy is adorned with the Lviv Museum of the National Army, created at the Military Institute. Hetman Pyotr Sagaidachny.

The master works also in the technique of book graphics. His graphic drawings were published in many books of Podolsk historians of local lore, poetic collections of Ukrainian and foreign authors.

Over the past 10 years, Grygoriy Zoryk has held 6 personal exhibitions, each of which presents more than 60 works. In 1997, an exhibition-sale took place in Vinnitsa, in the Museum of. M.M. Kotsyubinsky, two exhibitions at the Museum of Local Lore in Vinnitsa in 2003 and 2007. Repeatedly participated in collective exhibitions.

His works are kept in private collections in Ukraine, Russia, England, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, the USA and Cuba.