Artist, restorer, teacher, member of the International Union of Independent Artists. A.M. Kashshaya

The artist was born in the Russian city of Severouralsk, but the creative development of Serhiy is connected with Ukraine. Initially, the training took place in the walls of the Uzhhorod College of Decorative and Applied Arts (1972-1976). Here, teachers in the specialty I. Garapko, V. Svid, I. Chepa, V. Petretsky and I. Manaylo laid the foundation of the laws of creation of the beautiful within the framework of arts and crafts in the mind of the young artist, which the artist subsequently extends. Since 1979, he studied at the Kiev State Art Institute and finally formed his artistic manner of writing. At the end of six years he teaches at the same institute. In parallel, he is in charge of the Restoration and Painting Department of the Restoration Co-operative “Vozrozhdenie-2” in Kiev. Then Serhiy Glushchuk moves to the Transcarpathian region. Since 2003 – member of the International Union of Independent Artists. A.M. Kashshaya, and from next year becomes director of LLC “Transcarpathian Regional Restoration Center.”

Since 1982 – participant of many exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad: in Prague, Munich, Berlin, Chicago and other cities. He is the author of two editions of the manual “Technique of easel painting” (2006; 2008). The main series of paintings created during the last few years, mainly executed in the technique of graphics: “Carpathian landscapes” (2007), “Mythology of Ukraine” (2007), “Portrait Chronicle” (2008).

The author’s innovation was a series of still lifes “Flowering Beauty”, made in the genre of Dutch painting of the XVII-XVIII centuries. The heroes of the paintings are flowers, fruits and partially small animals: butterflies, flies, bumblebees. They are drawn with great attention to the cut-off game of shades, the structure of the petals and leaves, and also with the light accents of the depicted. It is noteworthy that this reserve is not the first attempt of the Ukrainian artist to go beyond the national one in the genre of still life and to join the samples of world art. The artist sets his goal: “Share positive energy with the viewer, help satisfy his aesthetic hunger, let him feel the joy of life, help optimistically look at the peace of God, perhaps even correct the energy of man, cure of depression. In this I see the mission of artists. “