Artist, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine

Attention to detail, point, carved drawing – these features of creativity Valeriy Syrov got “inherited” from a kind of jewelers. He was lucky from childhood to feel all the intimate beauty of stone and metal, to understand the process of their transformation into an image. Valeriy’s grandfather – Leonid Matlin – a Russian jeweler, the so-called “southpaw”, performed a tea service from a silver coin, became a participant and a diplomat of two World Exhibitions in Paris.

The future artist was born in the Russian village of Zdemirovo, Kostroma region, near the center of Russia’s jewelry production – the village of Krasnoe-on-Volga. Later he went to study graphic arts at the Kostroma University of Applied Arts named after NA Nekrasov, who graduated in 1973. The next 5 years he works as a teacher in the city of Ust-Omchug Magadan region

Since 1977, the artist lives and works in Odessa, actively exhibits his works at regional all-Ukrainian and foreign annual solo exhibitions. The artist’s paintings are in museums, private collections in the country and abroad.

The theme of the thesis to do Valeriy Syrov was “Russian folk tale.” She also initiated a whole thematic direction in the artist’s work: especially sincere, sincere, with a kind smile. This and the author’s art project “Here it is, happiness!”. The heroes of the exhibition were: the good old fisherman, he found his “fish place” and with a fish net (Fish Room), the same redheaded mustachioed cat with a catfish in his paws, and the happiness of a catfish with a broad smile is probably more the happiness of a cat with puffed cheeks (“Here it is happiness”). And the happiness of the peasants Valeriy Syrov sees in inventing a universal machine that replaced grandmother in the milking of a cow. And all this optimism of the artist is perceived as heroism, given his serious eye disease.

In a word, such sentimental-naive world of the artist is attractive by subtle humor over his heroes. And the fact that in good rosy hunters, does not lament that “I wanted to elk, but failed”, in the smiling ribolov nevertheless the artist sees himself, openly brings himself into the world as it is. Sincerity is always attractive!

Exhibitions abroad:

1981 – Hungary, 1982 – Italy, 1982 – Finland, 1991 – Japan, 1996-1997 – Mexico.

The artist’s works are in museums, private collections in the country and abroad, and also purchased by: the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, Kiev, the Directorate of Art Exhibitions., G. Kiev, the Museum of Border Guard., G. Kiev, Art Museum., G. Odessa, Art Museum., Kremenchuk.