Graphics – a kind of fine art, which is associated with the image on the plane. The graphics combine drawing and various types of engravings.

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Dear connoisseurs of beauty, if you are interested in drawings and graphics, you can buy these kinds of art in Kiev without any problems. For this purpose it is enough to visit our gallery on Grushevsky, 9, to look through the corresponding works and choose those works of art, dear to your heart, related to drawings and graphics, which you like or will suit most.

It should be noted that the very concept of “graphics” is quite stretchable, both pencil drawings and engraving, as well as ex-libris, lithography, etching and many other areas refer to this kind of art. Drawings and graphics are the basis of all fine art in general, and, despite the deceptive laconism of the drawing technique, many pencil drawings are real masterpieces and authentic examples of art.

Графика МельницыWith all the limitations of the color range, the real artist is able to transmit virtually any emotions, moods and states through the graphics and even a simple sketch of the pencil drawing, and also to transfer the spatial volume, movement, and most efficiently express his ideas put into each concrete work .

Graphic drawing can become indoors with a decorative replica or ironic, even with shocking detail – depending on the mood and the character of the interior at the moment. The advantage of graphics before painting is that a small living space does not always withstand the “pressure” of paintings with large colorful surfaces, but inevitably benefits from the presence of commensurate daily living environment of graphic sheets.

Proportion, volume, line, rhythm are important components of modern interior. The graphics have the same properties, except for the volume. It “works” line, light, plane, and, finally, a spot. Unlike sculpture, graphics do not form space, but can create the most unexpected and refined spatial-plastic effects, demonstrating the process of transforming the neutral habitat into a dynamic, artist-transformed world.

The graphics purchased from us, you can decorate to your liking in combination with the color of your interior mat and baguette.

Shown 1-10, total 80 works