Seascape painter, a member of the International  Organization of Marine Artists.

A complex picture line Of Serhiy Koval is penetrated by poetics, as the artist is also poetically gifted, has published two poetry books, writes and performs his own songs.

Future artist was born in Zavolzhske. His childhood and adolescence were spent in Dnipropetrivsk. He graduated from Shipbuilding Institute in Mykolaivsk.  Serhiy crossed the Arctic Circle in the Kara Sea by tanker. However, admiration for literature and art has always been artist’s basis of life.  And he was used to purposefully bring his dreams and artistic search into life. 1985 was a turning point for him. That year his first poetry collection was published. Right after the artist visited Voloshyn’s  house museum in Koktebel and finally realized that painting was his calling.

16 hours per day Serhiy was constantly studying theory of painting and working techniques of the old artists of Dutch, Flemish and Italian schools. Having studied the ways of combining colors with vintage techniques, Serhiy Koval choses the method used by the painter Van Eyck in the XVI century . It is called glaze method and it is created by using 12 layers of paint on canvas.

Targeting the best examples of European painting, Serhiy Koval reaches the depth that was called “yodzo” by the ancient Chinese. It means something that provides the picture with true depth, and, accordingly, gives an impression of vast space while watching the contemplation of the canvas.

The artist works just like it was taught by Arkhip Kuindzhi – spending hours to study  changeable body of the sea so that he would be able to recreate its subtle nuances.  In 1994 Serhiy introduces his works to the public for the first time in the Kremlin Palace Of Congress (Moscow). Just after his second poetry collection “The Labyrinth of the soul” was published. Today the artist has over 30 exhibitions behind. The works of Serhiy Koval are placed in galleries and private collections in Ukraine, Russian Austria, Germany, Israel, Canada, The USA, Czech Republic, Switzerland.

The outlook of the artist was greatly impacted by Chinese Philosophy of Art. “When you are painting a tree, you have to feel how it is growing”. These words by Su Shi reveal  Serhiy’s creative credo.

More than 35 exhibitions.  In 1994- the Kremlin Palace of Congresses (Moscow), “The Artist and the Sea”, “Call of the Sea”, Kyiv (1997), “Sea Soul”, Yalta (1998), “Marine Landscape”, Kyiv (1999), “Music of the Sea”, Kyiv (2000), personal exhibition in the Administration of the President of Ukraine (2001), “The Romance of Russia”, London (2003).