5 SEPTEMBER 2013 ended the life and creative path of ONE OF THE BEST ARTISTS OF MODERNITY – the honored artist of Ukraine Leonid Avvakumovich Gopanchuk

Life is lived, but how worthy …
You, as always, striding forward,
Gone to eternity with a proud walk,
Having learned the truth is a hidden secret.

Born March 29, 1955 in the village of Zabolotyntsi, Rivne region (the territory of ancient Volhynia). It was there, in the homes of his fellow villagers, until now, in a place of honor, his paintings, which he began to write at the age of 12, hang. They were given for a wedding, and they were considered a kind of family charms.

In 1981 he graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute (the current Ukrainian Academy of Arts). The circle of his life and creative interests has a very wide range. That’s why Leonid Gopanchuk’s canvases leave no one indifferent. Their main criterion is sincerity and professionalism.

The creative path of the real master is the spiritual energy of the soul development, it can awaken the “mind, fall asleep” and reanimate the true feelings in the hardened hearts. In the immeasurable human destiny, the fate of the artist stands out as a revelation. And the artist himself clearly appears as the chosen one, that, following the Creator’s covenant, opens the dense veil of the past to the vanity of the world, without which the birth of a new countdown of life is impossible in the future.

Leonid Gopanchuk devoted much time to social activities. He is a member of the National Expert Council, a member of the International Association “Afghans of Chernobyl.” Honorary member of the Foundation for the Promotion of Arts, member of the jury of the International Children’s Festival “The World of Talents.” He was awarded the gratitude of the mayor of Kiev for his personal contribution to the development of Ukrainian book publishing and the popularization of the Ukrainian word.

He is distinguished by sincere goodwill towards his colleagues. Therefore, he is a frequent participant of radio and television programs, where he is, he speaks with a touch of various phenomena of contemporary art.

Works are in private collections of 14 countries.