Vladimir was born in 1975 in the city of Khmelnitsky.

Father honored architect of Ukraine, mother engineer.

The talent for drawing appeared very early and in 1986 Vladimir went to study at an art school.

In 1990 he graduated with honors.

In 1994 Kopyl V.N. entered the Ukrainian Academy of Arts in the city of Kiev, where he improved the skill of painting.

In the creative bag of the master there are many different genre paintings, but he gives preference to landscape painting.

In his works, Vladimir Kopyl always strives to convey the true mood of nature, its rich color palette, the play of light and shadow.

The artist travels the world a lot: (Canada, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Namibia), where he writes his works from nature.

A special place in the work of the master is occupied by Ukraine. Many canvases are written in the Carpathians and Kiev.