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Painting – one of the main types of fine art, transmitting multicolor diverse the world. According to the technique of execution is divided into oil painting, tempera, fresco, wax, mosaic, stained glass, watercolor, gouache, pastel. By genre distinguished painting easel, monumental, decorative, theatrical, decorative, miniature.

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Painting of all kinds of art is one of the most powerful ways to influence the human, it is available for understanding every person, regardless of its nationality and language. This makes it a universal way to transfer thoughts and feelings of the artist. It is visual and, more importantly, the color aspect of the painting allows it to occupy a unique place. Therefore, we can say with certainty that the painting, which appeared at the same time with the person and, thus, is one of the most ancient forms of visual art, will exist on the earth forever.

Where to buy art in Kiev

In the gallery “Gamma” you can buy a painting, relating to a variety of genres, styles and techniques: still lifes and landscapes, historical and mythological genres, surrealism and impressionism, and other fine fabrics, are astonishingly varied.

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Perhaps the most popular form of paintings, are always in demand in our gallery is an oil painting. It has become a good habit to acquire oil painting for modern decoration, both office and residential premises, from us.

Why the reputation of “Gamma” gallery in the eyes of our customers? First of all, it is, of course, the quality of the work presented in our paintings undergo a rigorous selection process. Secondly, the range of products – to offer for sale a painting virtually all existing genres, techniques and trends. Third, the price – we work directly with artists, allowing us to keep the prices for pictures at a fairly low level.

If you are interested in the art of painting, and you would like to find and buy oil painting interior decoration, or just for fun, but have not yet decided on the choice of places where it could be done with the maximum convenience, we suggest you do it in our gallery “Gamma”.

Painting in interior design

The painting is not only a work of art, but also a spectacular part of the interior design and the space around you. This is what emphasizes your personality and distinguishes it your home or office from our standard conveyor world.

Choosing the right picture has amazing effects and features. Depending on the task, the picture may blend in with the surrounding area, or to become a unifying center that sets the tone and mood of the entire interior. With the help of pictures, you can adjust the proportions of the furniture, to organize a movement around the room, visually expand the space or make it higher.

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To obtain the most popular office solutions are landscapes and still lifes, very well established itself as a watercolor and art direction as Impressionism. Painting works in this style for a long time are a good tone in the design of office spaces in the world.

If you want to buy paintings for the decoration of the home, or, for example, buy a painting as a gift for the registration of premises of your friends, relatives, or colleagues, you need to consider the interior design of the premises, which acquired the painting will be available and the taste of those who you are going to buy a painting as a gift.

Your attention is the sale of paintings of paintings and graphics of different styles and genres. On the site you will find only original works, which exist in a single copy. Some pictures marked “sold” we leave the site to arise more complete picture of the skill of the artist.


Among all types of fine art painting is enjoyed by the most popular viewers. Images of the paintings are very compelling for the viewer. Painting is available for transfer to the plane of the volume of objects, their material flesh, depth of field, amazing lighting effects. Painting can embody and reveal the complex world of human emotions, the characters convey subtle shades of mood, subtle moments in the life of man and nature. Painting reflects and evaluates the spiritual essence of the era, especially its social development.

In its practical use painting is divided into monumental, easel, theatrical, decorative, icon. Each kind of different performance character and specificity of artistic images.

The main expressive means of painting – color. Color attaches particular works of art, compared with other types of fine art, vitality and makes the image more convincing.

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