Art Deco

Art Deco – the last “chic style” of European capitals, created the illusion of well-being, consciously oriented to the past. It combined in a quaint cocktail elements of Empire style and archaic Egyptian art, exquisite motifs of expressionists with ethnic motives – primitive African or Oriental. It was a reflection of the spiritual fatigue, confusion of society and the breaking of moral and aesthetic norms after the First World War.

Signs of style

Art Deco is easy to recognize in the whimsical combination of curved lines and geometric shapes: smooth, rounded corners and clear vertical lines. Favorite art deco motifs – zigzags, triangles, circles, black and white piano keyboard pattern often met in the design of interiors and clothes. A duet of strict colors was diluted with the interspersion of luxurious spots of red, gold or chrome interior items. Create a style of Art Deco in the interior of your own home is not easy, but most importantly – the desire. The basis of art deco is kept – geometry. This applies to the forms of furniture and exterior decoration.

Furniture in the style of art deco without carved decor and without inlays. The main highlight is in the silhouette – the bent backs of the chairs are combined with the elegant outlines of tables and cabinets, the smooth roundness of the sofas is animated by shiny chrome plated covers. Expensive leather and noble woods complete the impression of an elegant and refined interior.

The walls should only be the background for elegant furniture and sculpture, so wallpaper with a picture – are excluded. It will be best to look painted with a monochrome paint of the wall with a bright stencilled border of geometric shapes. One of the most popular patterns of the thirties is the so-called Egyptian semicircle, symbolizing the sunrise. Atmosphere can create several paintings, hung on the walls in simple frames. This can be posters and concert posters, black and white photographs of Hollywood stars of the 30’s or stylized as modernity cry. Statuettes of dancers, graceful predators of black marble, large mirrors, Egyptian figurines, gramophone, smooth vases with fresh flowers – all this will help to achieve the desired effect.

Lighting in the interiors Art Deco plays an important role. Lamps and lamps, chandeliers with a lot of horns, frosted glass, scattering light – all this creates an atmosphere of coziness of sophistication and mystery.


For this direction, the design is suitable for exquisite sculptures by Vasily Olashin and impressionistic motifs of the painter Vasily Brenzovich, expressive painting by Alla Preobrazhenskaya, and still-lifes made on the levkas by Alexander Melnikov.