The interior, decorated in a classic style, is a room of the right shape, light that shines with tranquility, family comfort. This interior is not excessive, not overloaded with details, is made in a restrained taste and respectability.

Signs of style

For interiors made in the classical style, characterized by, on the one hand, restrained decor, on the other – expensive materials: wood, stone, silk. Ornaments, are found in such an interior, most often stucco molding, columns and semicolumns, sculpture.

The floor is treated with an art parquet from valuable trees, windows draped with curtains. Elements of stucco and processing are sometimes supplemented with gold. In this interior, calm colors are used, a combination of light pastel colors of walls – cream, pale yellow, green with warm brown tones of noble parquet wood and furniture.

Classic interiors are designed for calm and conservative people, held in life and do not change the interior to the fad of fashion. In high-quality classical furniture is an attractive difference, as well as talented painting, such furniture eventually grow in value, becoming a rarity. After all, as a rule, it is furniture made of natural wood: walnut, cherry, Karelian birch, and handwork, carving, gilding, incrustation with rare wood species, mother of pearl, bronze make this furniture a real work of art.


Add a classic motif for even more refinement to help bright and detailed work done. It is to these that decorative-applied paintings-silk embroideries of Marina Nesterova are applied. In the beautiful creative method of realism paintings of Yuri Klapoukh are executed. Landscapes of the artist will perfectly fit in the interior in the classical style. Animalism Gregory Zorik in the bosom of boundless harmonious nature Vinnitsa, still lifes, made in the Dutch manner, Sergei Glushchuk, technically sharp cut made on the bone  by Denis Isakov.