Fashionable kitsch

The direction of style is determined by the German word kitsch, which means the old thing that is sold as new. Also, the interior direction of kitsch is treated as a non-professional fake – fashionable, instantaneous, spectacular, attracting attention, executed quickly from improvised material and replicates popular samples.

Signs of style

Here the favorite materials are polyethylene for curtains, man-made partitions, wall painting with balloons for painting cars, as well as old furniture. In this style, there is almost no imitation of a certain style, and the mockery of wealth goes over here into aggression. As a rule, not every daredevil can settle in a house with such an interior, for the mood must correspond to the situation.

For interiors in the style of kitscharakterni, sentimentality, pathetic, blatant colors, excess decor, deliberate eclecticism, forgery for expensive materials. Kitsch is extremely popular among modern designers and creative youth.


If you are not afraid to combine incongruous, then you can choose the expressive and “living” pictures of Alla Preobrazhenskaya. In the room in the style of kitsch, decorative works of art, for example the original dolls of the handyman Lyudmila Gubal, are also suitable.