Most residents of megacities are already familiar with the concept of “loft” – the style, according to which the house is a wide open space. This style appeared in the US in the middle of the last century, together with a program of social adaptation of abandoned industrial premises, when old factories, factories, schools and institutions were given shelter.

Signs of style

Distinctive features of this style is the presence in the interior of a part of the industrial elements – pipes, brickwork, painted walls in their original form, which in this case perform a specific decorative function.

Features loft style – the maximum openness of forms; Almost complete absence of walls separating living space; All rooms are “assembled” into a single concept, where only those or other functional zones can be allocated, using color contrasts, lighting or glass partitions that do not hide the specifics of the general view.

An important component of this style is the combination of old “industrial” elements – not plastered bricks, plank floors, light-colored walls and the latest interior details – glass and chrome decor elements made with cutting-edge technology.

Furniture in the loft-interior can be almost any. Exceptions are only “bourgeois” subjects, although antiques or antique furniture of a certain kind will fit this style as best as possible. Optimal look all sorts of shelving, have a simple geometric shape, tables and chairs, metal beds.

Gamma Gallery recommends

The loft is characterized by absolute freedom in choosing decor and decoration. This can be used and choose a variety of genre and style of works of art. We advise you to pay attention to the bright still lifes of Taras Jus, the colorful landscapes of Vladislav Metelkin and the flat-relief carving of Dyachenko Yuri.