“Learn to fly alone” — the symbol of the exhibition — a picture with a bird high in the sky… And the motto of the young author: “Like the sun, always shine, around and everyone.”

Among the guests were: prominent contemporary artists — Natalia Gerasimenko, Ivan Pylypenko, Taras Dzhus, Petro Zikunov, TV presenter Andriy Danylevych, Yaroslav’s favorite singer — Jijo, as well as local authorities — Deputy Mayor of Kyiv Maryna Honda, MP Eugene Bragar and relatives and friends of Yaroslav.

There were few guests at the opening of the exhibition so as not to violate the rules of quarantine. The organization of the exhibition was not easy for the gallery, because it required additional security measures for guests. But in order to realize the dream of an exceptional artist, we did everything possible to acquaint society with his creations. After all, this is not only an aesthetic pleasure, but also an incredible strength of will, endurance, patience in an ensemble with unique abilities in the fine arts.

We, the gallery, sincerely hope that the passion and love for art will become the elixir of Yaroslav’s life. We thank the program “Concerns Everyone” and the INTER TV channel for their support and indifference to the problematic issues of society.

The exhibition of works by Yaroslav Zarutsky will last until July 19. You can see the paintings of the talented young artist in the gallery “Gamma” at: Kyiv, st. Hrushevskoho, 9.