Barocco in Italian means “quaint”. The birthplace of Baroque is Rome, and the most striking examples of architecture of this style were created in Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Spanish and Portuguese colonies in Latin America. This style was and is designed to demonstrate the wealth and prestige of the owner.

Signs of style

The characteristic features of the style are: the predominance of curvilinear forms, splendor, the use of architectural forms (undulating columns, architectural decorations). Widely used varnishing, valuable materials in the finish: gold, silver, copper, bone, marble, various types of wood, mosaic, veneer lining. Extremely popular are floral designs – carving of curly stems, wreaths, shells, garlands. For a baroque interior you need a large room. It can be visually expanded due to large windows, mirrors and wall murals, ceilings.

A necessary condition for the style is the abundance of upholstered furniture. Numerous stools, chairs, armchairs sofas with wavelike contours of backs, soft seats and armrests should be upholstered with valuable fabrics – velvet, shtof, tapestry with interlacing of gold and silver threads. Upholstery is fastened with large nails with massive hats. A characteristic for the Baroque model of furniture was a soft sofa-couch, leaning on six, and sometimes on eight legs. The legs of furniture in the form of consoles, balusters, pyramids, tapering downward, were usually decorated with rich carvings.

Luxurious sofa with undulating contours of the back, soft seats and armrests, upholstered in expensive cloth; A massive wardrobe, decorated with characteristic for the era carvings; A coffee table with inlay; Cantilevered table with forged candelabra, located near the wall; A magnificent crystal chandelier with pendants, and mirrors, carved into carved frames-all these elements of the room and form the basis of the interior in the Baroque style.


Luxurious baroque style can be emphasized by the luscious landscapes of Gregory Zorik and exclusive works of bronze, Honored Artist of Ukraine Mikhail Belen. The style of the interior, executed in the baroque design, is underscored and still lifes made in the Dutch manner of Sergei Glushchuk.